Hosts Editor APK – The Best Option to Change Your Host Files

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There are occasions when you would need to edit your hosts file on your Android. However, it is not an easy task as such. If you really want to edit and change the parameters of your hosts file on the Android ecosystem, you would need access to a specialized app that is designed for the purpose. Host Editor APK is what you would need and no need to fret, it is available either on Google Play Store and through reliable third-party sites that host APK files. Let us check out how we would be able to have access to the Hosts Editor APK and know what it has on offer.

What is a Hosts File and Why Would You Need to Edit it?

The Hosts File on your Android device is a file that maps your hostnames to IP addresses. The file is useful in controlling access to websites and network traffic. It would also be useful in mapping addresses to names.

Editing it can let you perform a host of tasks. If you are a developer, you would want to make a few changes to the DNS. If you are a parent who is concerned about the browsing habits of your kids, editing and modifying the hosts file would be the most important aspect that can be helpful.

What Is Hosts Editor APK?

Hosts Editor APK is an application that would help you create, edit or delete a hosts file. The application should strictly be used by the application developers and experts in the field of smartphones. Do note that it can only be used on a rooted device.

hosts editor apk
Since it is a program developed keeping in view the requirements of an advanced user or a developer, it emphasizes on the usability rather than on the looks. The interface is as simple as possible and focusses solely on the functionality. In fact, that is a well-thought option as the focus would be on being lightweight and easy to work with.

How does it work?

The initial screen would list out the hosts files available on your Android device. If you want to add a new hosts file, just tap on the + icon to create a new one.

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You can just rename the file as per your needs. Please note that you can create a hosts file only if you are well versed enough with the technology involved. You can select the hosts file you want to edit or delete and then choose the functionality from the options.

You would be able to perform the tasks with ease and simpler steps. However, the changes you make would only take effect after a reboot of your Android.

The Functionality and Features

The Hosts editor is an open source program. But, in spite of being a free application with an excellent functionality, it does not serve you ads and is a completely open source in nature.

An excellent performance is what would indeed be the strong point that the tool offers you. The tool offers you Symlink files and IPV6 compatibility. That would be something which ensures smoother functionality even on the latest models. The application comes with an optimized for functionality.
Some of the features we indeed liked with the Hosts Editor APK are

  • It has been treated to be one of the best Hosts File Editor on Google Play Store.
  • An excellently faster speed is what makes it an excellent option.
  • It can be the best app for testing your apps or want to test a specific server via the IP.

The App offers its source codes on GitHub. However, the app is not receiving any updates since 2014. Given the newer protocols, it may not be a good sign.

In any case, the performance wise, the app lives up to its expectations as things stand as of now. However, we would just for the latest updates for a futureproof functionality of the app.

The Download Links

Hosts Editor APK
Google Play Store Link

The App in a nutshell

App Name Hosts Editor APK
Developer Nilhcem
Latest Version 1.4
Last Updated on December 31, 2014
App Size 1.2 MB
Compatibility Android 2.2 and higher
Category Free Tools /Utilities

In Conclusion

Well, we assume that the Hosts Editor APK should be what you would love with respect to the task of editing your hosts file with ease. Do note that editing the hosts files without knowing what you are doing may not be a good idea. Ensure that you do have the necessary expertise. Lest you will end up with a nonworking smartphone if something goes wrong.

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